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Trump visits hurricane-hit US states like Louisiana including Texas

His first stop was Lake Charles, Louisiana, where officials advised him about 400,000 people were without electricity and about 200,000 without water. Then he proceeded onto Orange County in Texas and fulfilled with rescue volunteers along with Republican Governor Greg Abbott.

Trump’s trip comes two weeks after Hurricane Laura slammed the Gulf Coast, leaving 16 dead and wreaking havoc with intense winds and floods.

“This is a tremendously strong storm,” said Trump. “In actuality, if it came in it was much larger than Katrina, I’d say. Katrina being a bit of a milestone I believe concerning jealousy, but that had more energy. This was coming in at a [class ] five [storm ].”

Trump has sometimes struggled with his function as consoler in main, failing to job empathy when seeing areas hard struck by catastrophe and tragedy. This includes in Puerto Rico, in which Trump was photographed tossing rolls of paper towel into the audience, which some viewed as inappropriately lively, given the conditions.

During a visit to the Carolinas in 2018, Trump marveled in yacht floodwaters had sprayed on a family’s house, telling them, “You have a wonderful ship from this offer.” And he had been captured on camera telling a man he had handed out food to”have a fantastic time”.

In other instances, Trump was a source of relaxation. Following a tornado ripped through Alabama this past year, killing nearly two dozen individuals, Trump spent some time with families who had lost family members, listening to their tales and hugging them.