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Trump’s Ebola obsession Shows the hypocrisy of the coronavirus response Today

The spread around the world of COVID-19, the disorder brought on by the new coronavirus, has subjected a vulnerability in President Donald Trump’s White House he is essentially habituated to handle. Unlike previous challenges, this is not something Trump can bully his way from. He can not neutralize it using a nickname intimidate it using a motto at a rally. This is not the Mueller probe or the impeachment question that the president could dismiss because of a “hoax” or even a”witch hunt” — even though he’s tried. For among the earliest times in his presidency, Trump is faced with an adversary that will not be conquered with his approach of slights, jabs, and lies.

Recently, the president has ignored criticism of his remarks on the virus as a”hoax” along with also a political conspiracy concocted by Democrats. Even Trump’s officials are allegedly becoming frustrated.

Following New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo told MSNBC this weekend he had been”fighting” the national government’s”mixed messages” about coronavirus,” Trump tweeted that”there are no mixed messages, just political weaponization.”

And it is all recorded.

In the summer and autumn of 2014,” Trump posted near 100 tweets criticizing and, for want of a better word, weaponizing, the Obama government’s answer to the Ebola crisis. He named Obama”dumb” and implied he”personally adopt all individuals in the US who contract Ebola!” He callously tweeted an American medical employee who’d contracted Ebola while overseas should not be permitted back home, asserting that the individual should rather”suffer the consequences”

It is a comfortable, if not predictable, blueprint.

Trump was fast to criticize the appointment of Obama’s Ebola czar, Ron Klain, fearing he had”zero expertise in the health care field and zero expertise in infectious disease management. An Entire JOKE!” And Trump saw fit to exploit Vice President Mike Pence to direct the national administration’s coronavirus response. Pence does not have any expertise in medicine or infectious disease management. His one sweep with public health disasters was a complete catastrophe. As governor of Indiana, Pence dismissed indications of an HIV epidemic in Austin, Indiana.

Throughout the 2014 catastrophe, those who had been exposed to this virus and proceeded to take part in everyday tasks like taking the subway or bowling were”SELFISH,” by the then-reality TV celebrity.

But, Trump proposed that Americans with moderate coronavirus instances should still go to work while they recuperate. (The CDC urges people that are mildly ill”isolate at home throughout their illness. You need to limit activities outside your house, except for acquiring medical attention. Don’t go to work, college, or public locations.

Trump has said previously he has a”instinct for mathematics ” — if speaking about climate change or even a possibly fatal outbreak, this”instinct” appears to supersede the observations of public health specialists. This intuition is also what allows him to state with this kind of unyielding certainty which coronavirus death rate amounts are”untrue,” that a”hunch” he shared with Fox News host Sean Hannity.

Yet more, the president baseless musings along with the truth are on a crash program. The question individuals, particularly Trump’s devout fans, want to ask themselves is how prepared they are to depend on the president’s gut because of their welfare.

At a public health catastrophe, data has to be communicated efficiently and straight. There’s not any place for partisan sports playing. Trump’s Ebola obsession indicates he did not know that fact in 2014 — along with his activities and hypocritical rhetoric so far indicate he hasn’t learned that lesson.