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Trump’s former Navy Secretary Richard Spencer order endorse Mike Bloomberg as president

Richard Spencer, the Navy secretary fired in the Trump Government after he Compared the president’s intervention from the Field of a SEAL accused of murder, Could endorse Democrat Mike Bloomberg Through an appearance Together with the candidate at Norfolk, Virginia, on Friday, according to the Bloomberg campaign.

Spencer, who briefly served as President Donald Trump’s acting defense secretary through the summertime 2019, becomes the primary Trump political appointee to back among their president’s possible November competitions.

In a statement released Friday morning from the effort, Spencer explained, “I’m proud to support Mike Bloomberg for president of America.

“Mike will honor the support and ensure the equal treatment of women and men in uniform. He will honor the help of military advisers”

Spencer abandoned the Trump government in November 2019 following Defense Secretary Mark Esper asked for his resignation. Three days after his resignation,” Spencer printed an opinion piece from the Washington Post stating Trump “has hardly any comprehension of what it means to be from the army.”

On Nov. 21, 2019,” Trump tweeted that Chief Petty Officer Eddie Gallagher, who was acquitted of murdering an Iraqi army, shouldn’t be stripped off his SEAL trident insignia. Trump had previously intervened in Gallagher’s situation to restore his position.

Gallagher was charged with murder and other war crimes following the 2017 passing of the Iraqi civilian. Many members of the unit testified he’d taken civilians without provocation. One told researchers that he was”freaking evil”; yet another called him”poisonous”

Back in July 2019, nevertheless, Gallagher was acquitted of charges except posing for a film with a lifeless person.

NBC News reported after Trump’s tweet, Spencer told Trump a tweet isn’t an arrangement and if the president wanted the Navy to finish its review procedure for the revocation of Gallagher’s insignia, he had to issue an arrangement.

Spencer told reporters Nov. 22, the day following the Trump tweet, he thought the inspection procedure over Gallagher’s standing ought to go forward.

NBC News reported that Spencer had considered resigning, which military leaders had lobbied Trump aboard Air Force One to stop cooperating in the Gallagher case to stop Spencer’s resignation.

In a letter to Trump,” Spencer stated he confessed his”conclusion,” and the president deserved a Navy secretary” who’s aligned with his eyesight.”

“Regrettably, it is now clear that in this regard, I share the identical understanding with all the Commander in Chief who made me,” Spencer wrote.

On Nov. 27, Spencer printed an opinion piece from the Post in which he stated that he had asked Trump to not intervene at the Gallagher case, just to get calls from White House Counsel Pat Cipollone telling him Trump would stay involved with the situation — and requesting him to reestablish Gallagher’s position.

“This is a shocking and unprecedented intervention at a noninvasive review,” wrote Spencer.

In his announcement endorsing Bloomberg,” Spencer explained, “Restoring America’s position in the world and fixing relationships with our allies are going to be a leading priority in Mike’s administration”

For just more than a week in July 2019, following Patrick Shanahan’s death and earlier Mark Esper’s Senate confirmation that he had been the acting secretary of defense.