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TSA destroys Notable Malian Artist’s custom-made Conventional Tool

One of Mali’s most notable musicians has criticized that the Transport Security Administration following his”impossible-to-replace” tool was destroyed by representatives in New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

“Normally they simply start the flight situation due to the strange form of this tool and situation,” he explained. “This time they disassembled and broke it”

Calling it a”horrible situation,” he added he expected”to find an apology sooner or later.”

In a previous Facebook article concerning the episode, Sissoko, 52, said he detected that the instrument in bits Tuesday, at his house in Paris. He explained he’d chased the flight Feb. 2. And arrived at the French capital the next day.

It was accompanied by a note from the TSA that said: “Smart safety saves time”

In his FB article, Sissoko asked if the representatives could have”dared to dismantle a Stradivarius,” violin, including that his Kora was ruined due to their”cultural ignorance and racism that’s taking over many areas of the earth.”

Sissoko had just finished a tour of U.S. cities such as Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, and New York together with his team 3MA.

Sissoko began playing with the kora for its”Orchestre National du Mali” if he was 13 and finally flew across Africa. After moving into France, he formed his troupe, gaining global fame.

Sissoko stated he’d now have to go to Mali’s capital, Bamako, to purchase components for a brand new kora.