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Turkey says it has Seized the sister of Deceased ISIS Pioneer

The detention Monday in northern Syria had been”another example of the victory of Turkey’s counter-terrorism operation,” President Tayyip Erdogan’s communications manager Fahrettin Altun stated in a statement.

“Our decision to deliver justice to people who try to terrorize our people and destabilize our area can’t be contested,” he added.

Before, Reuters noted that Rasmiya Awad, 65, was seized in a raid near Azaz, Syria. Azaz is at a Turkish-controlled city near the boundary.

She had been accompanied by five kids when caught, Reuters reported, sourcing an undercover official

Small independent information can be found on Baghdadi’s sister and NBC News wasn’t immediately able to confirm if the seized person was her.

Altun, meanwhile, said the girl’s catch was signs of Turkey’s decision to resist against ISIS.

“Much shadowy propaganda from Turkey was circulating to increase doubts regarding our resolve from Daesh,” Fahrettin Altun composed on Twitter, with a different name for ISIS.