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Turkey shoots down two Syrian Authorities warplanes as tensions escalate in Idlib Province

Pro-government Syrian forces cautioned that any aircraft which disrupts their airspace will be considered aggressive, based on Syrian military-run media.

The statement came after two weeks of Turkish drone strikes that Syria said murdered 50 government allies and forces.

All these confrontations have inserted into increasing tensions between Turkey and Russia, which encourage opposing sides from the Syrian civil warfare.

However, Turkey doesn’t have the intention to battle with Russia, ” the minister stated, aiming to face Syrian government forces instead of Russian troops.

“We mean to halt the program’s massacres and protect against migration,” he said during a televised speech.

Following these events, the EU’s foreign policy leader Josep Borrell declared on Sunday an extraordinary assembly of the foreign affairs council could occur next week.

“The continuing renewed fighting in and about Idlib represents a severe threat to global peace and safety,” Borell said on a statement.

He added that the EU” has to redouble efforts” to cover the humanitarian crisis along with all the means at its disposal.

The assembly has also been predicted by the petition of Greece since the nation blocked tens of thousands of migrants seeking to enter from the Turkish border within the previous 24 hours. The United Nations said Sunday that 13,000 people were assembled on Turkey’s land boundary with Greece.

Greek governments fired tear gas and stun grenades to stop repeated efforts by a crowd of over 4,000 people in the border crossing Kastanies.

Fahrettin Altun, the communications manager for Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the fighting Idlib was immediately connected to Turkey’s determination to open the gates for refugees into Europe.

“Europe and many others need to take strong action to deal with this massive challenge,” explained Altun.

“We can not be expected to do so on our own.”

The military escalation in the round town of Idlib has also prompted the most significant wave of displacement from the nine-year Syrian warfare.

According to UN statistics, the conflict has displaced over 900,000 civilians from the area.