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Turkey stops truck carrying 82 migrants bound to Europe

Turkey on Monday captured 82 migrants at the rear of a truck at the coastal city of Ayvacik.

A video released by the Turkish gendarmerie revealed soldiers opening the doorways into the rear of the truck showing people indoors.

They shipped to repatriation centers for deportation.

Mediterranean Sea arrivals in the European Union, such as migrants making the more and more dangerous crossing from north Africa into Italy, totaled 172,301 from 2017down from 362,753 from 2016 and more than a million in 2015, based on U.N. data.

Numbers dropped sharply since 2015 later Turkey, in exchange for 3 billion euros ($3.3 billion) from European Union aid along with a guarantee to ease visa restrictions to Turks, started to exert more control on migrants attempting to cross into the EU through its land.

Yet many still try dangerous excursion and Turkey is still one of the chief launch factors.