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Turkish mayor arranges free bus services to refugees on this border by Greece

A city in northern Turkey has provided free bus services for migrants who wish to create the 550-kilometer visit to the Greek border.

It comes following Turkey, which hosts 3.6 million Syrians, said it would no longer cease people who desired to make it to the European Union.

That statement came after 33 Turkish soldiers had been killed in a Syrian authorities airstrike in Idlib state on Thursday.

Tanju Özcan, the mayor of Bolu, stated he’d lay buses for as many refugees who desired to get into the Greek border.

Upon departing Bolu, he added, the ceremony would travel the 550km path to Edirne, a Turkish place on the boundary with Greece.

He explained: “We prepared a strategy with our coworkers and we’re devoted to organizing free buses to the refugees in Bolu towards the border city of Edirne.

“Refugees keen to visit Edirne can use to the Bolu municipality and its branches. We’re all set to guarantee the transportation whatever the amount [of refugees] is.”

Ankara’s movement would split a pact made between the EU and Turkey in 2016 where the latter consented to curb the number of refugees and migrants traveling to Europe.

However, Turkey’s turnaround with this pact was motivated by recent escalations in Syria – most recently the deaths of 33 Turkish soldiers at an airstrike on Thursday from Idlib – that have rekindled fears a further refugee crisis may be on the horizon.

He added: “Turkey understands that Europe doesn’t need refugees and is stating it’s going to let them to Europe to induce the EU to allow it to handle refugees and trusting that Europe will force Russia into de-escalating in Syria.”

Dutch politician Kati Piri said: “This dreadful act, nevertheless, could justify utilizing Syrian refugees as blackmail towards EU is beyond understanding.”