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Turkish-Syrian border Could’Burst’ at any Time, says militia commander

The Kurdish-led Allied Democratic Ministry issued a”public mobilization” Telephone Together the Syrian border with Turkey on Wednesday since Worries Sprucing up in northeastern Syria in the face of an Impending Turkish invasion.

“The position on the boundary is similar to a volcano and may burst at any time.”

The demand mobilization came as images appeared to show Turkish tanks and army employees amassing about the Syrian border anticipating a telephone to cross into Syrian territory.

A leading Turkish, Fahrettin Altun, stated Tuesday that Turkish troops and allied Syrian rebel forces would”soon” crossover to northeastern Syria. Their goal, he composed in a Washington Post Op-Ed, would be to”neutralize” a longstanding threat against Turkish citizens to”liberate” the local public.

The escalation includes three days after the White House announced it would pull troops back out of northeast Syria to make way for a long-planned Turkish surgery. The White House said Turkey could now be accountable for all seized ISIS fighters in the region.

The statement attracted a tide of criticism from across the world, including from Republicans and Democrats from the U.S., the American authorities was abandoning its former allies.


The SDF was a key U.S. ally in the war from ISIS and now controls a lot of the area near the border with Turkey. It says that its forces have dropped 11,000 fighters because battle.

Overnight, as Kurdish fighters braced themselves for a Turkish invasion, the SDF noted that ISIS sleeper cells had established three strikes on its safety bases in town of Raqqa. NBC News couldn’t independently confirm the strikes.

Reports of these strikes followed a warning by a leading Kurdish general on Monday that fighters assigned to protect tens of thousands of ISIS captives were hurrying to the boundary before an expected Turkish assault. Additionally, it came after analysts told NBC News that the withdrawal of U.S. troops in the region and a Turkish invasion are a”godsend” for its Islamist militants.

“We fought ISIS for many years; today we must care for ourselves.”

The SDF called on the global community on Wednesday to employ a no-fly zone across the region to shield civilians from attack, like what was completed for Kurds from Iraq.

Turkey, that sees that the Kurdish-led forces as terrorists that undermine the integrity of its nation, used a similar strategy as it moved to the Kurdish-enclave of Afrin first last year, displacing some 300,000 individuals.