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Twitter disables tweet Through SMS Attribute after CEO Jack Dorsey’s account Has hacked

Last updated on September 5, 2019

Following its CEO Jack Dorsey’s account was hacked a week, Twitter on Thursday temporarily switched off the capability to tweet through SMSes from the smartphone.

The capability to tweet through text isn’t being utilized most often, but a few users still text and have that message submitted to your accounts.

“We are temporarily turning off the capability to Tweet through SMS, or text message, to guard people’s balances,” explained Twitter Support.

“We are taking this step due to vulnerabilities which have to be dealt with by cellular carriers and our reliance on using a connected phone number for two-factor authentication (we are working on enhancing that ),”” it submitted.

Hackers last week broke to Twitter CEO’s accounts and published a flurry of rogue tweets, such as racial slurs.

By taking charge of Dorsey’s amount, hackers posted tweets through text messages on his Twitter account.

“We will reactivate this attribute in markets which rely on SMS for dependable communication shortly while we operate on our longer-term plan with this particular feature,” explained Twitter.

Twitter previously said in a statement that the telephone number related to Dorsey was endangered because of security supervision by the cell supplier.

“That allowed an unauthorized person to write and send tweets through text messages in the contact number,” stated the business.