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Twitter hacked: Obama, Biden, Musk and Gates accounts Allegedly breached with bitcoin gambit

Twitter was on fire Wednesday following a security breach that hacked the balances of notable public figures such as Barack Obama and Joe Biden flew to the public domain.

The incursion seems to be based around a cryptocurrency scam. The tweets, that have been imitation, offered to deliver $2,000 for each $1,000 delivered to some bitcoin address. The articles are deleted but Euronews took screenshots of a number of them.

We’ve concealed the bitcoin code.

Twitter reacted as information flew across the stage, sending the hashtag #twitterhacked towards the peak of the charts that were trending.

For a brief while, verified reports were not able to tweet. The system added more details.

Concerning the political goals, it was Democrats and other characters on the left which took the brunt of their scam. Inevitably this attracted comparisons with US circles into the 2016 US presidential effort. Biden’s present campaign team commended Twitter’s integrity group for locking down the accounts” within a couple of minutes of this violation.”