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Two Celtic FC fans stabbed Rome Before Lazio clash

Last updated on November 9, 2019

-z6tbNT_iYwTwo Celtic FC fans were stabbed in Rome on Wednesday evening as they battled with Lazio supporters in advance of the teams’ Europa League match.

The incident happened outside the Flann O’Brien bar where fans of the Glasgow club had accumulated. Italian authorities said the group was transported to the hospital for therapy.

Their first battle on October 24 led to a 2-1 win to the Scottish group but also contributed to Europe’s soccer governing body, UEFA, to bill both teams for their lovers’ behavior.

The two sides face disciplinary action for the screen of an”illegal banner” with Celtic additionally charged with”illegal chants”. The situation will be dealt with through a meeting of their Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body on November 21.

Ahead of the next meeting, Celtic had issued advice to the 8,000 fans expected to go to the Italian funds, requesting them to”maintain a low profile” and to”prevent wearing club colors while walking across the town”.