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U.S. carries out Original airstrike on Taliban Because Doha deal

This is a defensive attack to disrupt the assault,” explained Colonel Sonny Leggett, a spokesman for the U.S. Forces in Afghanistan at a tweet. He said Washington was committed to peace but could shield Afghan forces if necessary.

“Taliban leadership claimed that the [global ] community they’d decrease violence, not raise strikes. We call upon the Taliban to prevent needless attacks and preserve their responsibilities,” he said. The airstrike was the very first by the USA against the Taliban at 11 days, as soon as a decrease in violence arrangement had started between the sides at the lead up to Saturday’s pact. Since the registering, the Taliban had determined Monday to resume normal operations against Afghan forces, even although resources have stated they’d continue to return on attacks on foreign forces.


The Taliban has declined to confirm or deny liability for some of the strikes and didn’t immediately respond to request for comment on the airstrike. On Tuesday, there had been many strikes against Afghan officials blamed the Taliban, for example, one in a security checkpoint near a copper mine that killed five Afghan policemen. A Ministry of Defence spokesman said on Wednesday that in the previous 24 hours there were clashes between the Taliban and Afghan security forces in nine states, such as Helmand. A spokesman for Helmand’s provincial governor stated the Taliban had attacked a security checkpoint at Washer district — another district into the one where the U.S. completed its airstrike — on Tuesday evening, killing two police officers. A defense ministry spokesman also supported an assault against an Afghan army base in the city of Kunduz and stated there were seven casualties. The weekend arrangement envisages that a complete withdrawal of the U.S. along with coalition forces inside 14 months, determined by security guarantees from the Taliban, but faces numerous obstacles since the United States attempts to shepherd the Taliban and Afghan authorities towards discussions.

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