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UK election reality check: Is Britain’s NHS up available?

Jeremy Corbyn has set Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) firmly on the election agenda, stating he’s over 450 pages of unredacted records that reveal that Boris Johnson’s government has set the NHS’on the desk’ within a prospective post-Brexit trade deal with the United States.

The opposition Labour chief disclosed the previously-released redacted records, which come out of a string of covert US-UK trade discussions between July 2017 and July 2019, in an election news conference.

“Maybe he (Johnson) might love to clarify why these records affirm the US is demanding that the NHS is about the desk at the trade discussions,” Corbyn told a news conference. “These uncensored files leave Boris Johnson’s denials in complete tatters.”

So just what do the files reveal?

While the records do include mentions of the NHS, in addition to cases of US negotiators talking pharmaceutical patents, there’s absolutely no obvious sign that the UK agreed for this US stance.

Instead, the files represent explorative talks over possible trade deals and the NHS wasn’t contained in any company arrangement.

Alex Morgan has more from The Cube, viewable from the movie player over.