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UK government faces showdown in parliament as rebel MPs push Forward with plan to Prevent no-deal Brexit

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces a showdown in parliament after cautioning MPs he would seek out a snap election when they tied his hands on Brexit.

Johnson has promised to take the UK from the EU with or without a bargain on October 31.

With 58 days before that deadline, an alliance of opposition lawmakers are plotting with rebels from Johnson’s ruling Conservative Party to induce him to postpone Brexit for three weeks.

But, Johnson is compared to delaying the date.

“I want everyone to understand there are no conditions where I’ll ask Brussels to postpone: we’re departing on 31st October, no ifs or buts,” Johnson said in a hastily-organised announcement in a lectern out Number 10 Downing Street.

“I really don’t need to have an election. You do not need to have an election. Let us get on with the people’s schedule.”