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UK opposition Requires Leading government aide to resign due to alleged coronavirus’lockdown Violation’

Members of the UK’s resistance have called to get a high government aide to resign following reports alleged he violated the government’s coronavirus restrictions.

The Guardian and Mirror papers reported Friday the Boris Johnson’s advisor Dominic Cummings went from London to his parents’ home in Durham at the end of March through a national lockdown.

Durham is situated in north-east England over 400 kilometers from London and beneath the lockdown that started March 23, the authorities had advocated avoiding non-essential traveling and self-isolating in the event of imagined COVID-19.

Downing Street said Saturday the Cummings chose because his spouse had coronavirus indications and he was planning to also become ill.

“Dominic Cummings needed to make sure his child might be properly cared for,” a No 10 spokesperson said in a statement.

The PM’s office stated Cummings remained in a home”close to but different from” his extended family, including that Cummings” considers he acted fairly and legitimately”.

Opposition parties condemned Cummings’ activities following the initial reports of the alleged lockdown breach appeared on Friday

A spokesman for Labour, Britain’s most important opposition party, said: “that the British people don’t anticipate there to be one law for themselves and the other for Dominic Cummings”.

Ed Davey, chief of the Liberal Democrats, said Cummings”will need to resign” when the details are verified.

Cabinet minister Michael Gove took to Twitter to shield Cummings following Downing Street introduced the statement that clarified the aide’s actions.

“Caring for your spouse and kid isn’t a crime,” Gove tweeted.

Cummings, 48, was among the important architects of this Leave effort of the EU referendum in 2016, which led in Britain leaving the European Union in January 2020.

He had been appointed among the government’s top aides after Boris Johnson won the 2019 entire election.