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Ukraine holds Service for plane crash victims

A service has been held in Kyiv, Ukraine, for the sufferers of a Ukrainian International Airways flight which was shot down outside Tehran, Iran, before this month.

All of 176 crew and passengers were killed when flight PS752 went down soon after taking off out of Tehran’s Ayatollah Khomeini Airport.

A total of 11 Ukrainians were killed in the wreck, nine of these teams.

The crash was originally reported to be a crash, however, Iran later confessed it was brought down with a missile via”human error”.

US President Donald Trump stated he’d removed”the world’s greatest terrorist” at a language following Soleimani’s departure. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated that there was an”imminent threat” that comprised”attacks on US embassies”.

The US retaliated in December by launch airstrikes targeting an Iran-backed militia.

Spiritual President Volodymyr Zelenskiy explained he anticipated Iran”to bring those responsible to justice”.