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UN Cautions Bolivia violence’could spin out of control’

Protesters in Bolivia have been displaying empty bullet casings and tear gas canisters — debris out of violent clashes with police that left nine people dead and over a hundred wounded.

The demonstrators come in the coca farming area of Sacaba and are supporters of ousted president Evo Morales, himself a former coca farmer, who has fled to Mexico.

United Nations human rights leader Michelle Bachelet issued an announcement calling Friday’s deaths”a very dangerous development.”

“I’m very concerned that the problem in Bolivia could spin out of control when the government doesn’t manage it sensitively and concerning international standards,” she explained.

“You dear brothers that are mobilized,” stated the chairman of the Chamber of Deputies at La Paz, “I ask you with all my heart, so don’t participate in confrontation, don’t introduce yourself to being hurt by a stray projectile.”

Morales stop under pressure from the authorities and army following signs of vote-rigging tainted his success in last month’s presidential election.

He’s called it a massacre of humble and indigenous individuals requesting democracy.