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Under armed escort, mourner convoys reach Mexican village to Get U.S. Household funerals

Convoys of vehicles taking relatives of a bunch of American girls and children murdered by unidentified gunmen snaked throughout the shadowy from as far away as the United States to a distant Mexican area before funerals for the victims to be held on Friday.

Members of Mormon communities who settled in Mexico years ago, the 3 dual-nationality girls and six children were ambushed in Sonora country on Monday, contributing to U.S. President Donald Trump advocating Mexico and the United States to”wage war’ with the drug cartels.

“We came ready to sleep on the ground, in tents. Whatever is required to encourage the households who perished in this terrorist action,” explained Alex LeBaron, a former Congressman, and cousin of one of those girls, Rhonita Miller.

The stays of Miller and her children, whose bodies had been reduced to bones and ashes once the car they were in was shot and went up in flames, are expected to be buried in a different village named Colonia LeBaron on Friday.

Alex LeBaron, that had been with the convoy, told Mexican radio which mourners had come in the USA and around Mexico, bringing mattresses and food for the travel.

The LeBaron family, that came to Mexico from the early 20th century, today claims to be composed of over 5,000 members.

Mexico has unleashed its army against cartels because 2006 but despite the arrests or killings of major traffickers, the effort has failed to decrease violence. On the contrary, it has contributed to more killings as offender classes struggle among themselves.

The sufferers came from prominent regional families, such as the LeBarons, Millers, and Langfords.

Located in the fertile valleys of the Sierra Madre mountains only a couple of hours drive southwest by the U.S. boundary, the earliest communities stem from the late 1800s, when upheaval over polygamy from the Utah-based church contributed to their heritage.

The settlements have union ties to other people in the USA.