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Unknown gunmen kill three into broad daylight near Afghan capital Kabul

Unknown gunmen shot and killed three people from Kabul, such as a part of eastern Logar province’s provincial ministry on Sunday, underscoring the continuing risk of violence even though U.S.-led attempts to negotiate peace with all the insurgent Taliban.

“Logar provincial council member, Naser Ghairat and two of his bodyguards were killed and the other injured,” Kabul police spokesman Ferdaus Faramarz explained.

No group has claimed responsibility for the killing at the funds, which has had a violent couple of days.

On Friday, 32 civilians were murdered and around 180 others injured after two gunmen opened fire on a service marking the departure anniversary of Abdul Ali Mazari, a murdered Shia pioneer. The attack has been claimed by the Islamic State.

Targeted killings, assassinations and violent crime are becoming an increasing issue in Afghanistan in the last several years, compounded by the nation’s economic struggles.

Noor Ahmad, 37, a cab driver in Kabul told Reuters: “Kabul is now a town free of order and law, individuals can do anything they wish to perform, and it is quite scary.”