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UN’s Michelle Bachelet sounds Alert over climate change’s Effect on human rights

Climate change isn’t only having a catastrophic effect on the surroundings we live in, but also on respect for human rights internationally, the UN warned Monday, advocating collective actions.

UN rights leader Michelle Bachelet mentioned the civil wars triggered by a warming world along with the plight of native people in an Amazon ravaged by wildfires and uncontrolled deforestation.

She denounced attacks on ecological activists, especially in Latin America, and also the misuse aimed at high-profile characters like teenaged campaigner Greta Thunberg.

“The world hasn’t seen a danger to individual rights of the extent,” she informed the UN Human Rights Council at Geneva.

“The economies of nations, the institutional, political, cultural and social fabric of each nation, and also the rights of your folks, and future generations, will likely be influenced” by climate change, ” she cautioned.

The 42nd session of this council started with a moment of silence for the victims of Hurricane Doriane from the Bahamas, where 44 were murdered and tens of thousands of houses reduced to rubble.

“The storm hastened with unprecedented rate over a sea heated by climate changes, getting one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes ever to strike land,” Bachelet said.

Low-lying little island states such as the Bahamas, that can be heavily influenced by climate change, are rapidly seeing rights to water, sanitation, food, health, work and decent home, ” she cautioned. She called for global action to mitigate the effect there.

“The fires now raging round the volcano might have devastating effect on humankind as a whole, but their worst consequences are endured by the women, men and children that reside in these regions,” she explained.

‘Avoid future tragedies’

The UN rights leader also emphasized the effect climate change is having to insecurity around the globe. She also cited a UN estimate that 40 percent of civil wars within the last six decades are linked to ecological degradation.

In the Sahel area of Africa for example, degradation of arable land”is intensifying competition for scarce resources,” she explained.

Bachelet lamented those sounding the alarm over the catastrophic effects of climate change tend to be assaulted.

UN specialists, ” she said, had”noted strikes on ecological human rights defenders in almost every area, especially in Latin America.”

“I’m disheartened by this violence, and by the manic attacks on young activists like Greta Thunberg and many others, that galvanise support for prevention of the damage their creation may endure,” Bachelet said.

“The requirements made by ecological defenders and activists are persuasive, and we ought to honor, protect and fulfil their faith.”