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US FDA suspends Bill Gates-backed at-home Covid-19 testing App

An at-home coronavirus testing job in Seattle endorsed in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation said on Saturday it had been working together with U.S. regulators to restart the program after being suspended from the Food and Drug Administration.

The Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network (SCAN), that intends to track the spread of this novel coronavirus in the area, had said it was suspending its testing of individual samples gathered at home following the Food and Drug Administration tightened instructions to demand urgent approval.

“The FDA hasn’t raised any concerns about the security and precision of SCAN’s evaluation, but we’ve been requested to stop testing until we get that extra consent,” SCAN explained.

The Gates Foundation in March said it had been providing technical support for SCAN, which was accepted by authorities in Washington state, one of those very first U.S. countries to be hit hard by the outbreak. Bill Gates has also independently financed SCAN, according to the base.

On Thursday, SCAN in a statement said it was in discussions with the FDA because March 1 and also initiated its petition for emergency use authorization (EUA) on March 23, submitting info on April 13.

“We’ve been advised that another national emergency use authorization is needed to yield results for self-collected evaluations,” SCAN explained.

Agents for the Food and Drug Administration didn’t have a direct comment on SCAN’s status. SCAN stated it didn’t have an upgrade on particular timing for when analyzing would restart.