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US fines Japan Airlines USD 300,000 over Extended Airport Waits

The US authorities are siphoned Japan Airlines USD 300,000 for flaws that trapped passengers on two-wheeled airplanes for hours.

Under an arrangement with the Transportation Department, the airline will get charge for USD 60,000 spent compensating passengers, and USD 120,000 will be waived in the event the airline averts similar incidents for a year.

The section claims that after poor weather forced a January 4 flight from Tokyo to New York to land at Chicago, airline employees required to help passengers off the plane didn’t appear for over four hours.

On May 15, a Tokyo-New York flight diverted to Dulles Airport near Washington, where passengers have been stuck on board for five hours due to refueling and team members concluding the shift.

The airline blamed the delays on weather-related airport congestion.