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US issues’Level 4: Would N’t Travel’ advisory for China over coronavirus outbreak

The USA became the first nation to issue a’do-not-travel’ advisory for China on Thursday in light of this coronavirus outbreak which has claimed upwards of 170 individuals in China and infected over 8,200.

“Don’t travel to China because of novel coronavirus initially identified in Wuhan, China,” the US state department said in a statement, devoting a”Measure 4: Don’t Travel” advisory.

This dire traveling advisory came after the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed the initial instance here of a human-to-human move of this virus, by an Illinois state girl who’d belonged to Wuhan, the epicenter of this Chinese epidemic, to her husband.

There were six instances of coronavirus infection in the USA so far, but no deaths.

Citing the January 30 WHO announcement of this epidemic as a”Public Health Emergency of global Concern”, the state department stated, “Travelers should be ready for travel limitations to be placed in effect with little if any advance notice. Commercial carriers have suspended or reduced paths to and from China.”

It added, “Individuals now in China should consider leaving using commercial ways. The Department of State has asked that non-essential US government employees defer travel to China in light of this novel coronavirus.”