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US lawmakers Suggest bill, 40,000 Covid-19 health Employees set for green cards

A bipartisan group of US senators has introduced a law to grant 40,000 fresh Green Cards to overseas nurses and doctors to resist the coronavirus outbreak.

They’ve proposed awarding 25,000 of their Green Cards to nurses along with the remainder 15,000 to doctors, including those hired overseas or people currently in America.

Medical professionals in India can stand to gain as people from different areas of the earth.

“Contemplate this: One-sixth of our healthcare workforce is foreign-born. Immigrant physicians and physicians play a very important role in our health care system, and their gifts are becoming more critical than ever. Where could we be in this outbreak with them?” Stated Senator Richard Durbin, the Democratic that cosponsored the law, in a declaration. “This bipartisan, concentrated, and timely laws will strengthen our healthcare workforce and enhance healthcare access for Americans in the middle of this Covid-19 pandemic.”

“This suggestion would only reallocate a restricted number of statements from previous years for physicians and nurses that are qualified to assist in our struggle against Covid-19,” stated Senator David Perdue, a Republican, in a statement.

The Trump government has suspended all immigrant visas for 60 days to make sure Americans struck by listing layoffs brought on by the Covid-19 lockdown receive the first shot at staying jobs or the ones that become accessible as companies reopen. But doctors, physicians, and other health care professionals were one of those exempted in the temporary banning.