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US President Donald Trump tests negative to coronavirus

The White House published the evaluation results Saturday night following Trump told reporters hours before he had obtained the coronavirus evaluation, after days of being screened despite the fact he had been in recent contact with three individuals who’ve tested positive for the virus.

Trump told reporters at a White House briefing on Saturday he had his temperature shot and it had been”entirely normal,” soon before stepping into the area to go over the government’s attempts to stop the spread of this virus. The pandemic has infected more than 2,200 men and women in the united states and caused at least 50 deaths.

The president had several indirect and direct contacts with individuals who’ve tested positive for the virus, for example, three individuals he spent time together with last weekend in his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida.

Trump, following days of demonstrating he wasn’t displaying symptoms of this virus, even relented after being pressed by reporters about his immunity to examining when several lawmakers and innumerable citizens throughout the nation who’ve had the same amount of vulnerability haven’t just attempted to have analyzed, but additionally chosen to attempt and prevent potentially infecting other people.

The president, according to two people near the White House, was unwilling to take the test for fear it’d endeavor anxiety or weakness. Trump has desired to appear in complete control throughout the catastrophe and had voiced worries that taking private steps could undermine this look.

Trump came to office as self-described germaphobe who strove to prevent handshakes because he ran his property industry. However he acknowledged Saturday that he is now finding it tough to resist shaking hands, a custom he says he has picked up since getting a fulltime fighter.

In a news conference Friday to announce that he was announcing a national crisis, Trump eagerly shook the hands-on many company executives, although health policy specialists on White House coronavirus task force have urged Americans to prevent physical contact to help stem the spread of this virus.

“People think of me, they shake hands, they place out their hand,” Trump said. “It is kind of a natural stimulant, and we are all getting from it. We all have that issue.”

Pence also composed a memo to White House employees Saturday enabling them to take precautions like avoiding physical contact, washing hands regularly and staying home when ill.

“It is imperative all we do our part to choose the appropriate precautions to maintain ourselves and our coworkers secure,” Pence wrote. “As a worker aboard the White House Complex, we’ve got an extra duty to defend the health of our Executive Branch and people working with us”

Dr. Deborah Birx, who’s helping organize the US response to the outbreak,” noted that analyzing outcomes reveal a snapshot in time and it’s vital for individuals to preserve precautions.

“When you receive a negative evaluation, that usually means you are negative that afternoon,” Birx explained. “That does not imply you could not get the virus spreading immediately, since it replicates on your nose and your nasal secretions, and you’d have a positive evaluation tomorrow”

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