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US Provided money to Indian Boat captain, Iran calls it blackmail

An Indian captain of an Iranian oil tanker was provided a few million dollars with a top US state department official to maneuver the boat into a port at which it might be impounded and had been slapped with sanctions a week when he didn’t respond in a movement which Teheran has since slammed as”outright blackmail”.

“That is Brian Hook.  .  .  “I’m writing with great news.”

Hook offered Kumar a couple of million bucks to manoeuvre the tanker, Adrian Darya 1 (previously known as the Grace 1), to a vent at which it might be impounded and handed over to US authorities. It couldn’t be immediately determined if the captain reacted to the deal, and how if at all.

However, Hook followed up with another one. “With this money, you’ll have some life you want and be wealthy in older age,” the officer, who heads the Iran Action Group in the state department composed in the next email. “If you opt not to take this simple route, life will be a lot tougher for you.”

And it really could. America advised him Friday under a government jurisdiction which aims terrorists and people providing support to terrorism or acts of terrorism. His boat was warranted, as a blocked land.

Iran’s foreign minister Javed Zarif stated on Twitter: “Having failed in piracy, the US resorts to blackmail–deliver Iran’s petroleum and get a few million bucks or be sanctioned yourself.”

Kumar’s boat, the Adrian Darya 1, wasn’t possessed by this firm bu that the usa indicated they were connected.

Following its launch, it had bounced around the Mediterranean sea as no nation would allow it in. It’s currently guessed that it eliminates its cargo, bound for Syria, at a ship-to-ship transport.

A US state department spokesperson explained the FT report as”true” and stated it was part of “extensive outreach to several boat captains in addition to sending companies warning them of the effects of assisting a Foreign Terrorist Organization”.

Hook had delivered many such emails, offering cash.