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US, Russia, Brazil on draft Listing of Nations banned from Traveling to bloc from 1 July: EU Origin

America is on a list of nations whose travelers will probably be barred from entry into the bloc after outside boundaries are reopened, Euronews knows from an EU source.

Officials have already been drawing up lists detailing that states whose passengers the bloc could let in — and people who will nevertheless be denied entrance — if the EU’s external borders are reopened on July 1.

Other states to be excluded by a draft list that will be finalized in the future Wednesday include Russia, Brazil, and Qatar.

After the European Commission released recommendations into EU member nations before in June on non-essential traveling to the bloc, officials said the record should consider the disease rate in nations concerned.

The standards are derived from the”epidemiological situation and the answer to COVID-19 from the next state”, the Commission stated in a communique to some other EU institutions.

“Travel restrictions shouldn’t be raised as regards third countries where the problem is worse compared to the average from the EU+ region,” stated the information.

Some 47 nations are about the draft listing of acceptable nations; travelers from 54 countries are likely to be barred in the bloc, our origin summarized.

America is on the next list of”improper” states, the source informed Euronews. This affirms a narrative in the New York Times, which stated that based on draft lists it’d seen, EU states were planning to block travelers in the US in which the pandemic hasn’t yet been controlled.

The US has experienced over 120,000 COVID-19 deaths and more than 2.3 million instances in line with this Johns Hopkins University, using brand new surges of ailments reported in many US states.

Brazil, also about the draft list of nations whose passengers stand to keep being refused EU entrance, supported over 39,000 new instances in one day on Tuesday. Its death toll has topped 52,600.

Russia, another country on the list of countries likely to be denied entrance, remains to record tens of thousands of new COVID-19 instances daily and has reported over 600,000 whatsoever.