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US stores ask Clients Not openly to sell Firearms

US pharmacies CVS and Walgreens and supermarket chain Wegmans on Thursday requested clients not publicly to carry guns in their shops or not to bring them at all.

The calls from the shops — that follows a similar move from Kroger, the nation’s largest supermarket chain — come as the United States grapples with an outbreak of gun violence and regular mass shootings.

CVS stated on Twitter that it affirms”the attempts of groups and individuals working to reduce gun violence,” and asked that clients that aren’t law enforcement employees refrain from bringing guns into its shops.

Walgreens meanwhile just asked that clients not openly carry firearms, not explain the conclusion in a brief statement on its site.

Wegmans also asked that clients refrain from carrying guns, tweeting: “The sight of somebody using a gun could be alarming, and we do not want anybody to feel like that at Wegmans.”

Retail giant Walmart declared on Tuesday that it might stop the sale of ammunition for handguns plus a few military-style rifles, predicting the status quo on guns from the United States”unacceptable.”