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US woman says Secured Using Boris Johnson over Shakespeare, Mommy on Dating Question

US businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri repeatedly refused to answer questions on Monday about whether she had an intimate relationship with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson when he was mayor of London.

The Sunday Times has reported that when Johnson was mayor he neglected to announce close personal connections to Arcuri, who received tens of thousands of pounds in people small business financing and places on official trade excursions.

Talking to ITV, Arcuri said she had secured with Johnson, who was mayor of the British capital in 2008-2016, over classical literature, that they spoke French philosopher Voltaire and shared a love of William Shakespeare.

But asked whether she had an affair with Johnson or intimate relationships with him, she either sidestepped the query or openly refused to answer.

“It is categorically no one’s business what personal life we had or didn’t have.

“And more important, Boris never gave me favoritism, never once did I ask him for a favor, never once did he write a letter of recommendation for me”

Asked about the allegations, Johnson has said everything was performed with full propriety and there wasn’t any interest to declare.

The GLA reported the allegations were the Johnson had a friendship with Arcuri and as a result of the friendship enabled her to participate in trade missions and receive sponsorship.

Arcuri told ITV that after they first bonded over literature and spoke venture funds for the tech sector, she and Johnson began sending text messages after which he’d visit her office at her flat in London, sometimes on his way home.

“There was lots of office space to allow him to come visit,” Arcuri said. He visited approximately five or maybe 10 times, she explained. “I didn’t believe it was embarrassing at all.”

She quipped she offered Johnson the opportunity to have a go on her dancing pole but he refused.

“He sat down with his tea and began muttering,” she said.

When asked about the nature of their relationship she said:”Because the press have made me this objectified ex-model pole singer version, I am not going to answer that question.”

Asked if she loved him she said: “I care about him as a friend and would we discuss a very close bond. However, I wish him well, I need him to be pleased.”