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US’strongly urges’ Pakistan to Meet FATF Responsibilities

The United States” strongly urges” Pakistan to satisfy its counterterrorism duties as laid out to it by an international watchdog since the aftermath of its collapse could be”catastrophic” for its continuing IMF-added financial reforms, a leading American diplomat said Friday.

The watchdog body, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), is currently meeting in Beijing now to review Pakistan’s progress and determine whether it’s done enough to be raised from the”gray list” of countries with suspect counterterrorism steps to the”blacklist” of their most egregious offenders.

Leaks about the close body’s deliberations, largely in Pakistan networking, imply Pakistan could have fulfilled most if not all of the duties and might escape being pushed into the black record, which might imperil the 2019 IMF bailout package of $6 billion and the financial reforms attached to it.

“We strongly urge Pakistan to operate with FATF and the global community to completely fulfill its action plan responsibilities,” Alice Wells, chief deputy assistant secretary of state for South and Central Asia, told reporters a briefing on her latest trip to the area.

“Conclusion of this FATF action program is essential to Pakistan’s economic reform efforts, such as its IMF program, in addition to for displaying sustained and irreversible activity against most of the militant groups based in Pakistan without differentiation,” she added, in an unmistakable reference to Pakistan’s famous inclination to behave against”evil terrorists”, that had been inimical to its interests, and also encourage and fund the”good terrorists”, who function Pakistan’s foreign policy aims of interrupting neighbors like India and Afghanistan.

“If Pakistan weren’t to meet FATF duties or were to fail and be blacklisted, that could be catastrophic for Pakistan’s economic reform plan and for its capacity to attract investors,” she added in response to a query about consequences of Pakistan’s blacklisting for its IMF bailout.

Islamabad has been because focusing on implementing a listing of conditions set down by the watchdog to prevent being bumped up into the blacklist, also, under the most optimistic conditions, be removed from the gray list entirely.