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Vegetarians take beef French food labelling Legislation to Brussels

A vegetarian lobby team has led to Brussels to take France’s fresh food labeling legislation — that prohibits the usage of terms such as”hamburger” and”sausage” when describing meat choices — the menu off.

The European Vegetarian Union (EVU) said France had”privileged meat on motive”.

It filed a complaint against the legislation claiming if meat options are explained accurately — such as from the tag”vegan soya sausage” — there was little room for confusion.

“The picture of this gullible consumer not able to differentiate a meat-based food item from a one — even though clearly distinguished by the item title — is paternalistic at best and an insult in worse,” it stated.

The legislation was originally viewed as an amendment to an agriculture bill with a French MPJean Baptiste Moreau, a farmer, also watched food manufacturers prohibited from using meat provisions to describe products that aren’t partially or completely made from meat.

Moreau contended it was”important to fight false promises” and that”the provisions beef or cheese ought to be earmarked for products of animal origin”.

Failure to abide by the legislation could result in a fine of $300,000.

“There is not any proof that there’s a customer confusion problem,”‘Ronja Berthold, head of people at EVU informed Euronews.

She contended that on a nutrient level, involving the compositions of several meat and alternatives that the”micronutrients aren’t that distinct” and in certain instances, the vegetarian or vegetarian alternatives are”more tolerable”.

Berthold added that hers wasn’t the only group to get lobbied against the legislation in Brussels — the Humane Society International also composed a letter to the Commission.

“We’ve not given up, the struggle is continuing,” she stated, adding her firm had been looking into additional actions with different NGOs.