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Virtually 500 health workers die from COVID-19 in Russia

Nearly 500 health workers have died in Russia since getting contaminated with COVID-19.

The Russian Federal Medical Surveillance Agency, Roszdravnadzor, declared on Thursday the 489 medical employees have died. It comes amid complaints from health care professionals within a lack of protective gear.

Since coronavirus cases mounted across Europe in March and April, Russia seemed to have escaped the worst of it since then the nation has witnessed a huge outbreak. Russia now has the third-highest variety of instances from the world, supporting the united states and brazil, in 561,091, together with 7,660 deaths.

Critics have questioned the official death toll, accusing Moscow of intentionally underestimating it, however, Russia says its characters are reduced in contrast to Western nations because it only counts deaths whose chief origin was coronavirus. Other nations rely on virtually all deaths of individuals who had tested positive.

The Russian government also asserts that since the outbreak came after in Russia, the nation had the time to prepare its hospitals and produce huge screening coverage.

Healthcare employees are on the frontline of the struggle against COVID-19, together with the problem of adequate protective gear that a point of controversy in several nations.

Back in Italy, a record published from the National Federation of Physicians and Dentists reveals the titles of 168 caregivers that have died, even though the list hasn’t yet been upgraded with almost any deaths in June.

At the beginning of June, the International Council of Nurses stated the limited data available signaled over 230,000 health employees globally have been infected with COVID-19, in which at least 600 physicians have died from the virus.