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Vogue Portugal apologises over Contentious mental health Spa

Fashion magazine Vogue Portugal has attracted a controversial front pay that critics say creates a gimmick of psychological illness.

The July/August problem cover depicted two nurses and a girl in what resembles a hospital setting. Among those nurses pours water to the woman’s mind as she sits in a tub, appearing vulnerable.

The picture generated a massive backlash on social networking.

“I’m disgusted. Emotional illness isn’t a fashion fad”, “That is beyond offensive. Incredible”, “I am a nurse and that I feel embarrassed by this cover”, were only a few of the remarks Vogue Portugal received on the initiation of the matter.

Criticism came from Portuguese version Sara Sampaio, who deemed the pay as”really poor taste”.

Time To Change, a UK organization combating psychological health discrimination, remarked about the pay Twitter, stating “the public doesn’t longer endure to view mental illness utilized as a gimmick”.

“Calling stigma similar to this could send a strong message to the entire world — which stigmatizing mental health issues is never okay.”

Vogue Portugal originally maintained its”Madness” dilemma was about”love”, “life”, and”mental health”, but on Monday the magazine apologized “for any offense or upset caused” from the photoshoot, clarifying that”the topic of mental health requires a thoughtful attitude.”