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War Trailer: Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff Are out To Kill Each Other as Tops Come Off

The trailer opens to inform us that Hrithik Roshan’s personality, possibly a special forces commando, has gone rogue. Seconds after, we receive the glimpse of him all muscle and raring to go. Afterward, it’s determined that he needs to be murdered. Leading the assignment to finish this of rogue’ is just another commando, played with Tiger Shroff. The action-packed War teaser revealed the two celebrities baying for one another’s blood. The high-octane action occurs in scenic locations overseas. There are a hand-to-hand battle, car chases and just a scene between a seaplane, similar to James Bond movie, Spectre. The teaser also gave a fleeting glimpse of the top woman – Vani Kapoor.

As recent as August 12, the manufacturers unveiled a brand new poster of this movie — with a gun every in hand, Hrithik and Tiger, aim, but not in each other. Also in the framework are fancy cars and, naturally, a stunningly glamorous Vani. The manufacturers also introduced the Tamil and Telugu posters of the movie.

Directed by Sidharth Anand, very little was revealed about the movie from the manufacturers. It’d be safe to state that the video was taken in extreme secrecy. Talking about it, the manager said, “Despite enormous pressure from fans of the celebrities, it was a conscious choice never to put any official images of this movie and not even declare its name. We need maximum influence on the day of the launching.”

Speaking to IANS, Tiger had stated, “A movie like the one I’m performing with Hrithik Sir is something which couldn’t have been produced without one another. It’s uncommon to obtain the suitable permutation and combination and the ideal script which enables us to communicate our possible in our various ways.”