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‘We Could come any night with No warning’: Erdogan into Syria

“There’s a phrase we always state: we could come any night with no warning,” Erdogan told reporters in televised comments.

“It’s completely out of the question for us to further endure the dangers from these types of terrorist groups,” he explained, referring to Kurdish militants.

The White House on Sunday said Turkey will”shortly be moving ahead with its long-planned performance” in northern Syria.

Additionally, it said Turkey will be”accountable for many ISIS fighters at the region captured over the last two decades,” with an acronym for the Islamic State team.

Erdogan said he’d work with European authorities to manage overseas Islamic State offenders in the area.

“You will find (IS offenders ) in France, Germany, other countries. They say’ We do not wish to have control over them,’“ Erdogan explained.

“We can not care for them. They will work on this and I taught our coworkers to work on this also,” he added.

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) states a Turkish assault against them may reverse years of successful operations to conquer the Islamic State team and let a number of its living leaders to come out of hiding.

The SDF retains tens of thousands of Islamic State fighters and their families from prisons and informal settlements throughout northern Syria.

It’s been a crucial US ally against the Islamic State team however is viewed by Ankara as a”terrorist” offshoot of Kurdish insurgents within Turkish land.