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‘We did it’: NASA astronauts complete spacewalk to Correct cosmic ray detector

NASA astronauts Luca Parmitano and Andrew Morgan finished a six-hour spacewalk and fixed leaks in the heating of the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS), a system that collects information on’dark matter’ by catching high energy cosmic rays.

It had been the fourth spacewalk by Parmitano and Morgan to execute work on the US$two billion AMS system, which has been recording info on dark matter and what NASA phrases’dark energy’, a little-understood drive that’s speeding up the growth of the world, as 2011.

Parmitano wondered what his heartbeat was once the flow erupted. “It flat-lined or spiked, among those two.”

The AMS documents the number of particles that move through its sensors to understand dark matter, which is thought to make up 95 percent of the world. By sifting through cosmic beams, the AMS records their mass, speed, and direction of travel.

It’s yet to record some dark thing, based on NASA, however, has accumulated a substantial number of information on cosmic rays, the way the beams travel through space and that which generates them.

However, since the AMS was initially due to stop operations in 2014, it’s needed routine maintenance from astronauts in the International Space Station (ISS), in which it’s found.