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‘We Need justice’:’ George Floyd’s brother urges Congress to’Prevent the pain’ of police brutality

The brother of George Floyd made an emotional appearance before the US Congress on Wednesday, attractive to lawmakers to make sure that his brother did not die in vain.

Philonise Floyd advised the House Judiciary Committee he wanted justice due to his brother, and requested Democrats and Republicans on”to create your titles mean something”.

The House of Representatives is considering a package of reforms that could restrict legal protections for authorities, create a nationwide database of excessive-force events, and prohibit police chokeholds, among other modifications.

Floyd told a silenced hearing area he was there to request Congress to”stop the pain” and also make certain his brother is”over a face on a T-shirt” along with a title onto a growing list of black men killed by police.

“I like my brother. He is still here in spirit at this time. And we want justice and we need justice,” Floyd said.

Benjamin Crump, the lawyer for the Floyd family, told colleagues on Capitol Hill who Floyd’s death provided the”best chance” he’d observed to”get a real shift, systematic reform to influence the way police treat people of color, particularly black folks”.

Four police officers are charged, one having second-degree murder, after George Floyd’s departure on May 25 to a Minneapolis road.

Video of the scene moved viral following a white policeman knelt on Floyd’s neck for eight minutes and 46 minutes during an arrest.

His brother advised Congress that viewing the movie”felt just like eight hours and 46 minutes”. “I only consider that movie over and over again,” Philonise Floyd explained. “My loved ones, they simply cry, and shout daily.”