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‘We’re counting the days to go’, States Spanish Nationwide Wuhan

Wuhan, the town in China’s Hubei province now called the epicenter of this Coronavirus outbreak, was on lockdown since January 23 to restrict the spread of this disease.

Morilla is among 23 Spanish nationals fulfilling the positions of their Wuhan Shangwen’s coaching team. Many have managed to leave town but Morilla is among eight still trapped.

“We’re counting the days ahead,” he explained. “Here the hours seem like days, we must divert ourselves and consider anything else.”

“The fantastic thing is we are living in a private house with safety and the enclosure is rather spacious. We’ve got space to head out, also to work out,” Morilla additional.

The last time that he left the home compound was about the next day of this city-wide quarantine to visit the supermarket to stock up on gear.

“We wish to be repatriated. We’ve been advised that our action, soccer, will be postponed. Should they inform us in eight or ten times we must return to work we’d accept the circumstance, but we may not get the job done for just two to three weeks,” he went on.

“We must search for our wellness and visit Spain, and as soon as the conditions are favorable we’ll go back,” he clarified.

‘The hours are extended’
The Spanish authorities announced on Monday that it’s working to recapture its nationals.

The EU Commission has since delivered two airplanes to Wuhan to flee Europeans in town. They’re advised to depart the town on Thursday.

However, Morilla has had hardly any contact with Spanish police and informed Euronews the local embassy hasn’t been connected.

“We obtained advice via Edu, our colleague with his wife and two brothers here along with him. He contacted the embassy once he understood they had been locking downtown,” he clarified.

“We’re awaiting the how, where and when (…) since the hours are extended and, in Spain, our households are getting a much tougher time than we are,” he stressed.