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‘What a Mad Period’: Europe Responds to Johnson’s parliament suspension Program for Brexit

There was a combination of surprise and disdain at Europe in Boris Johnson’s statement that parliament will be suspended in October, days before Brexit.

“Taking back control’ has never looked so menacing,” he tweeted, alluding to the infamous Leave campaign motto of 2016.

Mina Andreeva, the spokeswoman for the European Commission, stated that she wouldn’t be commenting” on inner political processes of our member countries,” including: “We’re also not going to speculate exactly what this means about next steps in the UK’s parliamentary processes. I believe that will be for the UK to reply.”

Nikolaus Blome, the political editor of Germany’s Bild, stated: “Since he needs to be the only executor of the people’s will, Boris Johnson has quieted the public’s agents and adjourned the parliament.”

“As a fellow parliamentarian and democrat, I wonder how can admiration for democracy go with suspending #parliament?” he asked.

Nathalie Loiseau, a former French minister, tweeted: “We can observe a Brexit coming with no arrangement. Now it’s also a Brexit without discussion that looms. What disease does British democracy have that it anxieties debate before making among the main choices in its history.”

There has been a more raw reaction to Wednesday’s news from German socialist lawmaker Stefan Liebich, who only tweeted: “WTF?!?”

He added: “What a crazy time after, as a leftist, you need to expect that the Queen will cease Boris Johnson.”