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What’s Average Shoe Size for Women

Getting big is not always good

Yes, when you are a child you are charmed by the height, weight of the elders. But when you are a young woman yourself and you come to know that your foot size is outrageously larger than the foot size of women four decades ago, you will not feel good. 

This is startling but true! Average shoe size of women in US in 1970’s was 6.5 while today on an average woman shoe size in US is 8.5.  There is a considerable increase in not much time. However what are the reasons behind it and are they good? Well, not really. People are accepting squeezing in their big feet in smaller shoes, since big size shoes are not available at all times. This is resulting in pain, foot deformities and joint issues.

Human bodies constantly grow and with the change in the nutrition habits of people, there is increase in body size over decades.  There are more obesity cases in present time. The liking for junk food is also a significant factor behind the increased body size.  People are getting taller and heavier with their feet getting lager too.

Studies suggest that eating high calorie food like pizza and processed food during puberty leads to increased growth hormone. So while your feet bones are still in the phase of formation but you have a large body putting extra weight on feet, it leads to flattening of your arch. 

 Here is another attention catching factor that one should not miss on to know about the reasons for this increase. Look at the children pictures four to five decades ago and compare it with the present ones and you will see for yourself that we are stating out bigger from childhood. People have access to better nutrition which is also a reason for boosting growth leading to increased heights.

Talking about availability of shoes, while big shoe size has become a norm in most of the stores now, there are instances when women struggle fitting in their feet in smaller shoes and also share the embarrassment they feel while asking for big size shoes.  

Irrespective of the fact you like the increased foot size or not, the fact is that we all have to accept it.  Changes are driven by nature which we obviously can’t control but definitely we can have a good control over increased body weight which could be a result of our aimless gulping habits. So we suggest, don’t feel shy. Get up and get going.

which could be a result of our aimless gulping habits. So we suggest, don’t feel shy. Get up and get going.