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What’s Barnard Castle and why is everybody talking about it?

But within the past 24 hours that the map of the United Kingdom was studied by hundreds of thousands as media outlets have said the title Barnard Castle on countless occasions as the destination of Dominic Cummings’ contentious lockdown excursion.

Not to be mistaken with Castle Bernard at Ireland’s County Cork, nor the personality Mr. Bernard Castle at Cynthia Wright’s historical love The Duke and The Cowgirl (in which the personality is portrayed as”among these jumped up plutocrats that believe that they can purchase prestige and position instead of making it over centuries and by dint of their caliber of somebody’s blood”), Barnard Castle is, in actuality, a city in Teesdale, County Durham, England.

And what is more, it’s a profoundly ironic connotation from the local dialect. Throughout the sixteenth century that the term”That is Blarney Castle!”

This is the attention made by Cummings’ contentious sojourn, the traveling review website TripAdvisor has had to suspend testimonials for Barnard Castle.

They write: “Because of some current event which has drawn media attention, and it has triggered an influx of inspection submissions which don’t describe the firsthand encounter, we have temporarily suspended publishing new reviews for this list. If you have experienced the firsthand experience in this house, please check back soon – we are looking forward to getting your inspection!”

The Tales of the British Isles Twitter site, that has only welcomed a whole plethora of new followers in the aftermath of the slang discovery, also detailed the prior most renowned resident of Durham: St Cuthbert, that, it’s said, came at Durham three centuries following his departure. Monks fleeing persecution carried him generations before attaining his final resting spot at Durham Cathedral. The concept for Cummings being, even if St Cuthbert will wait that much time to see the region, so can everybody else.