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What’s going to be the financial effect of COVID-19 and so are there some silver linings?

As nations close stores, boundaries and beg their citizens to remain in the home, the international market is appearing less wholesome daily.

The Dow Jones in New York shut down 4.5 percent on Friday, capping off Wall Street’s worst week as 2008. A worldwide downturn is now a real chance; central banks globally have reduced interest rates to record levels.

And more, people are discovering they have no longer a job to visit.

She advised Euronews a fast recovery is dependent upon the activities governments and companies take now.

She said more manipulation is necessary, more along the lines of what occurred after the fiscal crisis in 2008.

“I think you will find several people starting to forecast that we may see some rather major structural modifications later on [connected to the catastrophe ],” she explained.

“So a lot more distant working, not as much business travel and a few long-lasting effects on carbon emissions due to this.”