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WhatsApp, Facebook Will Need to Discuss users’ messages Together with UK Authorities

Last updated on September 29, 2019

Social networking platforms located in the US such as Facebook and WhatsApp is going to be made to share customers’ encrypted messages with British authorities under a new treaty between both nations, according to an individual familiar with the issue.

The accord, which will be defined to be signed by the following month, will induce social networking companies to share data to encourage investigations into people suspected of criminal offenses such as terrorism and pedophilia, the individual said.

“We oppose government efforts to create backdoors since they’d endanger the privacy and security of our customers anyplace,” Facebook stated in an announcement. “Government policies such as the Cloud Act permit for businesses to supply available information once we receive legal requests and don’t need companies to build back doors”

The UK and the US have agreed to not investigate one another’s taxpayers as part of their bargain, although the US will not have the ability to use data obtained from British companies in any instances carrying the death penalty.

Details of the accord had been reported previously from the Times.