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WhatsApp’s Most Up-to-date feature makes it easier to Handle muted contacts on your Mobile

WhatsApp beta users on Android can now hide muted status updates.

WhatsApp’s most up-to-date feature is available with all the 2.19.260 variant of this program on Play Store. Present WhatsApp beta users can download the newest update and start using the feature. For people who would like to experience this feature along with additional curricular features can do this by entering the WhatsApp Beta program. WhatsApp frequently tests features on its beta program before the official launch.

At present, WhatsApp lets users mute status updates similar to how you can mute chats. Contacts whose status updates are muted are dropped down to the end of the section. While the standing is muted, it is still possible to view it if you scroll down.

With the newest upgrade, users will be able to hide the section with muted status updates. This way, users will have the ability to avoid altogether status updates they do not wish to view on WhatsApp.

WABetaInfo also talks about’Facebook Pay’ on WhatsApp that’s currently not available for public beta users. This looks interesting because WhatsApp Pay is now available in India and will expand to additional markets shortly. With this update, WhatsApp users will have the ability to incorporate Facebook Pay to the app. There’s no confirmation on this particular feature as yet.

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