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When Steven Spielberg got Megan Fox fired from Transformers for Predicting Michael Bay’Hitler’

Megan Fox was chosen from obscurity and appeared to be destined for a lifetime on the Hollywood A-list following looking in just two blockbuster Transformers movies. But remarks, where she compared manager Michael Bay into Adolf Hitler, got her fired from the franchise.

Bay informed GQ in 2011 the choice to fire Fox was not his, but Transformers executive producer Steven Spielberg’s. He stated, “You understand the Hitler thing.

“He is like Napoleon and that he wishes to make this mad, notorious mad-man standing,” Fox explained. “He would like to be like Hitler on his collections, also he’s. So he is a nightmare to work for however once you get him from the place, and he is not in boss mode, I sort of actually enjoy his character because he is so embarrassing, so hilariously embarrassing. He has no social skills in any way. And it is endearing to see him.”

Bay, on his part, stated he’d moved on in the episode and was not hurt. “I was not hurt since I understand that is only Megan. “And she does it kind of the wrong manner. I am sorry, Megan. I am sorry I left you to work. I am sorry that I am making you appear on time. Films aren’t always fuzzy and warm.”

Fox’s representatives constantly promised she was not fired, but she decided not to go back for more Transformers films. Fox was replaced by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley from the next Transformers movie” It was her choice to not return.

“She began s*** speaking our captain. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, he explained, “Megan developed this Spice Girl strength, this woman-empowerment [material ] which made her feel awkward about her participation with Michael, who some people today believe is a lascivious filmmaker, how he movies girls.”

He continued, “Mike movies women in a manner that appeals to some 16-year-old sexuality. It is summer. It is Michael’s style. This is a woman who had been shot from complete obscurity and set in a sex-driven part facing the entire world and informed she was the sexiest girl in the USA. And she had difficulty accepting it. When Mike would request her to do particular things, there wasn’t any time for fluffy conversation. We are on the run. And the 1 thing Mike lacks is tact. There is no time for [LaBeouf supposes a gentle voice]’I’d like you to simply arch your spine 70 degrees. ”’

“She says a few very ridiculous things since she is 23 years old and she has lots of growing to do… Nobody on earth knew about Megan Fox till I discovered her and place her into Transformers,” he explained. “I love to believe that I have had any luck in developing actors’ careers along with my movies.”

The Transformers franchise was rebooted twice. Bay went on to lead five movies from the series, before handing over the reins into Travis Knight for its prequel movie Bumblebee.