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Whistleblower’s Attorney sends cease-and-desist Correspondence to White House over Trump’s Strikes

“I’m writing from deep concern your customer, the president of the USA, is participating in rhetoric and action that puts my customer, the intelligence community whistleblower, along with their loved ones in bodily threat,” the attorney, Andrew Bakaj, wrote in a letter to White House counselor Pat Cipollone on Thursday.

“I’m writing to respectfully ask that you counsel your client on the ethical and legal peril where he’s putting himself if anybody is harmed as a consequence of his or her or his surrogates’, behavior,” he wrote.

Recently, Trump has dropped his attacks on the whistleblower, whose ideology is given limited protection under national law.

From the letter, Bakaj mentioned three other cases of Trump’s strikes on the whistleblower. In 1 case, Trump chose a veiled reference execution when he informed a personal group in September the men and women who advised the whistleblower were”alongside some spy” and stated the U.S. must”manage” them as though it did”in the old times.”

“From the’old days,’ spies were summarily executed,” Bakaj mentioned in his letter, including that Trump invited the media to report that the whistleblower’s title and tweeted that the remarks of a reassuring warrior who told Fox News in September that impeaching the president could result in some”Civil War-like fracture within this state”


“His calls into the public to recognize my customer by his proposal he would encourage acts of violence against my client are, frankly, a few of the very dangerous and reckless things that a President of the United States may say,” Bakaj explained.

Trump Jr. stated in a followup tweet he didn’t match his article with the White House.

For security issues, NBC News isn’t reporting the title of the whistleblower provided that the individual remains anonymous. From the criticism, the whistleblower alleges in a July 25 mobile call, Trump requested Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to research former Vice President Joe Biden and his sonHunter, that had business dealings in the nation, in addition to a 2016 election conspiracy theory.

In his correspondence, Bakaj alleged the Trump’s attacks contained witness tampering and had succeeded in his customer, which the attorney alleged was their goal. The whistleblower was in discussions to provide a closed-door deposition into the House Intelligence Committee, Bakaj explained, but”as an immediate effect of the President’s reckless rhetoric and behavior, my customer’s physical security became a substantial concern, alerting us to rather state our openness to just answer written interrogatories.”

Bakaj also cautioned the White House counselor about any activities that could violate two additional federal statutes involving obstruction and retaliation.

“Let me be clear: if any harm befalls any guessed termed whistleblower or their loved ones, the blame will rest squarely with the customer,” he wrote.

“I submit it is in your client’s best interest to stop and desist in calling to the general disclosure of my customer’s identity and to stop in rhetoric which will endanger their own life and the lives of the loved ones,” Bakaj continued. “If anyone is harmed, my co-counsel, Mark Zaid, and I won’t be afraid to take all proper actions against your customer.”