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White House Attempts to block Book of Bolton’s Publication, Needs classified info be Eliminated first

In a letter to former national security advisor John Bolton’s lawyer, the White House stated Bolton’s forthcoming book contains classified information that should be eliminated before it could be printed.

The correspondence to Bolton attorney Charles Cooper dated Jan. 23, a National Security Council aide wrote, “According to our preliminary evaluation, the manuscript seems to contain substantial quantities of classified info. Additionally, it seems that some of the classified information is in the top-secret level”

This letter had been written days before The New York Times reported according to some manuscript of Bolton’s publication, President Donald Trump advised Bolton at August that almost $400 million in aid to Ukraine wouldn’t be published until the nation provided all the data it had about the investigations of Democrats that the president searched. The manuscript hasn’t yet been viewed by NBC News.

That reported dialogue between the 2 men contradicts the president’s impeachment defense, as Trump and allies have stated the grip on military help and investigations weren’t linked. Trump stated that he”NEVER” had this kind of dialogue with Bolton.

Cooper had filed Bolton’s manuscript into the NSC last month to get a regular security inspection” notwithstanding our firm belief that the manuscript contained no data that may reasonably be considered classified.”

The launch of this White House answer, obtained by NBC News, comes as Trump is openly bashing Bolton over his documented claims. Before Wednesday, Trump requested: “Why did not John Bolton whine about this’crap’ a very long time back, when he had been quite publicly chased.”