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WHO Expects to Finish Covid-19 pandemic in’less than two Decades’

WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stated in a press conference this target will be possible when the”we could combine our efforts” and also make the most of the available resources, one of the vaccines.

Contrary to the new coronavirus, Spanish influenza had hit on the youngest.

“In our present scenario, […] the virus is far more likely to disperse. It can proceed quickly because we’re more connected today,” Ghebreyesus explained.

“So we’ve got a drawback connected to globalization [. .] But we’ve got the benefit of getting better technology,” he explained. “And we understand how to prevent it.”

On Friday, WHO also published new recommendations one of them for kids aged twelve and over. By WHO, they ought to wear protective face masks under the very same requirements as adults to fight the pandemic.

This should particularly the situation”if they can’t guarantee a space of a minimum of one meter from the others and if the transmission is generalized from the region concerned”.

Kids aged five and younger shouldn’t be asked to wear a mask. “This recommendation is based upon the security and total interest of their child, and also on his ability to utilize a mask properly with minimal aid,” said WHO.

As for six to eleven-year-olds, WHO urges that the choice to utilize a mask be based on a collection of variables, including the amount of transmission of this virus in the region where the child lives and their capacity to utilize a mask properly and safely.

Accessibility to masks, in addition to the potential for replacing or washing them in a few settings such as colleges, sufficient adult supervision, and directions provided to the child about the best way best to use them should also be contemplated.

“Corruption associated with PPE is also, for me, really murder”

Ghebreyesus also made an announcement concerning potential corruption cases in the fields of personal protective equipment (PPE), required for its struggle against the pandemic.

“Corruption associated with PPE is also, for me, really murder,” he said when asked about a situation in South Africa. “If healthcare employees work without PPE their own lives are at risk. And that also endangers the lives of those people they look after. So it is criminal, and it is murder.”