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Who will be accountable for his departure?’ : Family of deceased Belarus protestor discusses

Demonstrations continue to hold on the Belarus capital Minsk for a second consecutive week, after a contested election result that seemed to provide longtime president Alexander Lukashenko that a landslide victory.

Many who’ve taken to the streets say they are seeing the many brutal crackdowns by authorities in the nation’s recent history.

State media accounts that over 6,000 individuals are arrested and at least two people are killed.

He attended a demonstration in Minsk on 10 August however, based on an official record, expired when an”unidentified explosive device” went away in his hands.

Taraikovsky’s spouse Alena Herman disputes that the decision and states after viewing his body revealed no evidence to confirm.

“There were not any signs of burns on his hands on his own body on his mind,” she explained. “On his chest, there was what seemed to me like a stitched-up wound and a huge bruise”

Alena says it required police two complete days to inform the household of Taraikovsky’s departure.

Euronews has got medical records, demonstrating his death was a result of severe blood loss caused by blunt injury to the torso.

An analysis by the Cube also has discovered evidence contradicting the announcement produced by the Belarusian Interior Ministry.

The incident happened on the roads over Puškinskaja subway station in southern Minsk, where hundreds of demonstrators had blocked the streets with automobiles on August 10.

Verified video in the scene reveals Aleksandr Taraikovsky coming to a line of armed forces along with his arms raised, without an observable thing in his hands.

After a few seconds, a flash of orange light could be observed from inside the row of armed employees.

Video in The Associated Press then reveals Taraikovsky shocking backward using an observable chest wound.

Lukashenko has defended the police crackdown and insists he’s preventing his nation from falling into chaos.

The Ministry of Interior announcement on Telegram explained an investigation was started to establish the conditions of Aleksandr Taraikovsky’s departure.

Alena Herman told Euronews that there has been sufficient chaos already and needs a much more fair investigation of her spouse’s death.

“I would like those responsible to be brought to justice”